GUILDWORKS iAbraham is Spiritually, Socially, Ethically engaging good in the hood – from ultra-fine, to funky around the edge-pixels of IntraFaith artistic cultural diplomacy and social-justice based artworks, now available through our online venues worldwide. Manhattan to Mecca, GUILDWORKS iAbraham’s Urban Outreach neighborhood exhibit-space, Barrios de los Picqxels opens its doors!
Participate with us! Where purchasing original and hybrid-digital/original works on some of the world’s most advanced digital-arts media allows you to share love with your fellow communities, the poor, marginalized and those most in need. Join us and our global partners in spiritually, socially renewing lives, artistically renewing hope and vision. Help sustain your neighbor’s faith in the best of, and the worst of times by contributing actively to working for restorative justice and spiritual repair by purchasing artworks as gifts or for others or for yourself. Enter into the worlds of GUILDWORKS casbah under Abraham’s tent, where radical hospitality resides and wondrous works await you as wanderers of the World desert. We welcome you, wherever you're traveling.      Shalom | Peace | Salaam
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