GUILDWORKS iAbraham brand-nṻ purchasing & exhibit venue, Barrios de Los Picqxels introduces faith-informed urban artworks; Rough-edged creativity and conceptual works to modern socially and spiritually-conscious engaged artistic vision, fused to cutting-edge technology, and innovative next-gen, social-capital business. GUILDWORKS’ new store allows worldwide Guild members to showcase and sell uniquely hybrid digital/originals, and GUILDWORKS reproductions on various state-of-the-art substrates and mediums.

From Manhattan to Mecca and Jerusalem, for our common spiritual goodness, a full-chunky 8% percent is shared from profits of every sale in GUILDWORKS’ selling venues – put directly toward feeding GUILDWORKS-built fellowships and creative cultural microbusiness initiatives, assisting underserved communities of poor and marginalized people, and sustaining our architecture, vision and values in GUILDWORKSiAbraham.global

GUILDWORKS iAbraham conveys you to the crossroads of Radical Hospitality’s common ground; Coalescing new artists and collectors, or purchasing emerging and established artists’ works means supporting Guild artists, and the underserved communities of poor and marginalized people from which many potential artists emerge. Purchaser. Participant. Adventurer living a restlessly expressive, faithful life; you contribute by helping humanity’s efforts in living through the richness of radical hospitality. GUILDWORKS iA provides socially-conscious, spiritual renewal by preserving and curating cultural heritage through GUILDWORKS creative cultural diplomacy initiatives, and digital arts-media. Purchases from our web-based music venues also help sustain GUILDWORKS’ Urban Outreach and Hiphop music narratives in urban indignity, rhythms for universal travelers at a globally intersecting nexus.

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