Born in Detroit in 1957, Alfonse Borysewicz has been residing in Brooklyn since 1988, where he and his family have been members of the Oratory Church of St. Boniface. He received a master's degree in theology before studying painting at the Museum School of Fine Arts in Boston. Borysewicz has received two Pollack-Krasner Foundation Grants (1987, 1992) and a Guggenheim Painting Fellowship (1995). He has exhibited widely in the United States, Europe and Japan. His writings can also be found in Image (Journal of Art and Religion). Jonathon Goodman wrote in Art in America "Borysewicz's ability to invent a language of transcendence which is both traditional and of the moment makes him a compelling artist."

Artist Statement

Why remain faithful to religious imagery in an increasingly secularized world? This is a question I often ask myself at around five AM when I wait for the sunrise and the soon honking horns outside my window. Why am I still pressing this boulder that has cost my family and I so dearly? It is an old question, and one that lives at the heart of Christian worship, which brings ancient events into the here and now by presenting us with images. Our liturgy, so beautifully celebrated in this Church, celebrates events that take place in the present, and are at the same time linked to a historical past we can barely imagine. Yet this is what both the Middle Ages and the Renaissance did: they portrayed biblical stories in a contemporary setting.

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