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GUILDWORKS music, design and digital arts media also includes new, cutting-edge crossing genres like NÜtransMedia. NÜtransMedia is a multi-platform media for imparting narratives, from small storytelling to global crises of exponential magnitude. It’s form and formats house a seminal purpose of expanding both the audience for the narrative’s reach, but also the expanding the artform itself. Breaking the bounds of uni-dimensionality and bringing to narrative a multi-dimensionality and multi-sensory experience that widens how we partake of the narrative banquet feast.

Similarly, GUILDWORKS Urban Outreach is based on the global narratives of hiphop and rap, ethno-indigenous and world-music, and the incorporated rhythmic sounds of the city as part of urban indigeneity, from one ethnic immigration to another; One barrio’s, or neiborhood’s sounds and visual cues, to another’s specific lingua-franca, compared and contrasted to yet a different or overlapping area’s bars, hooks and street-beats. The visual components of music videos also widens the canvas for multi-platform cross-media narrative in GUILDWORKS iAbraham Urban Outreach, and our music, video/film and NÜtransMedia hiphop and other artists take full advantage of the epic, wider screen modern technologies continue affording them expanding to fill the world stage.

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