GUILDWORKS iAbraham Guild & Studios

GUILDWORKS iA artists’ studios exist as picqxel-sonic spaces grounding our artists to the magnetic cores of their world. Whether fine art exhibition artists, experimental modern abstract conceptual artists or part of our Urban Outreach in the street tagging, b-boying, SoulTrain painting and urBeautifying–or rapping reconciliation and knowledge into our communities, these artists’ online venues comprise GUILDWORKS iAbraham’s global Interfaith music, digital design and arts-media Guild.

Street beats; paint-peeling off steel bridges, classic and crumbling or crude architectures – rusted carbon and iron, scrap-metal, barrel-fires heating homeless strays under bypasses, clamorous textures of urban indigeneity in riotous ethnic colors, nuanced scents, pulsing sounds. All fades into another existence.…Vast grainy caravaned-expanses of dune and light. Mudded palms, roots and adobe roofs, hand-hewn doors with hammered copper; Crossroads to temple ruins or desert casbah and Bedouin oasis.

GUILDWORKS iAbraham global culturalPreneurship coalesces the unique artistic gifts of worldwide artists together for social good. From known and unknown places, GUILDWORKS iAbraham allows emerging and established artists to virtually crisscross hemispheres as cultural ambassadors of human flourishing. GUILDWORKS encourages our faith-based artists striving toward Divine and human connection to utilize their spiritual and God-given gifts in service to Humanity, through our socialEntrepreneurship and microBusiness initiatives allowing us all to work for the betterment of humanity through GUILDWORKS cultural endeavor. Predominantly Jewish, Christian and Muslim artists gather in the shared ground and spiritual firmament of their Abrahamic faiths. Focusing Intra-faith discourse and dialogue through their music and digital arts-media on worldwide issues of social, cultural and spiritual diplomacy including assisting in solving homelessness, contributing to reconciliation in race and immigration issues. GUILDWORKS’ cadre of predominantly Abrahamic artists articulate a cutting-edge urban interfaith vision, creating authentic visceral global narratives for reconciliation, socially restorative justice and religious repair through GUILDWORKS’ purchasing venues and micro-business initiatives for assisting the poor and marginalized worldwide in underserved communities.

We believe beauty will save the world. Living with beauty and artistic good changes you. Receiving good art as a gift changes others. Can you spare some change?

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