Mounting Solutions

GUILDWORKScompanies provides en vogue, cleanly designed mounting solutions, featuring distinctively modern metal-finishes in custom palette options. Our upscale studio, street and gallery exhibition framing/mounting alternatives arrive to you ethics sourced – intentionally created for GUILDWORKS’ 501(c)3 not-for-profit, ecumenical enterprises for social-good and sister business, GUILDWORKS deXgnHYVE llc culturalPreneurship in design, music and digital arts-media.

Whether Rust & Bone, Santa FeC3, Arquiteqturas, or LaMetrô, GUILDWORKS’ mounting solutions are conceived architecturally, artistically, built and concepted to become seamless, fully integrated parts attendendant to artworks. The art of aesthetic componantry requires serious consideration and  innovation for us at GUILDWORKS; We take our patrons, artists, purchasers, our art seriously. People too often settle for lowest common denominator because that’s what’s put in front of them. We give you a gamut, an excellent cross-section of quality, aesthetics and functionality. GUILDWORKS’ mounts were created and/or concepted and dreamed up, found and/or purveyed to you fully or in part by us, specifically for purposes of meeting and interacting with metal sculpture, and multi-dimensional metal artworks – visual sculptural works that digital technologies have become capable of capturing and outputting from our imaginations. 

Functional. Aesthetic. Endless in design possibilityGUILDWORKScompanies.©™

GUILDWORKS iAbraham’s creative cultural initiatives, our fellowships and program(s) focus in assisting poor and marginalized communities globally; GUILDWORKS’ International Digital Arts-Media Guild is among the unique creative cultural initiatives working across socio-economic, ethnological and racial divides to coalesce the work and humanity of emerging and established artists worldwide.

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