Music is the living soul of GUILDWORKS iAbraham. Multi-dimensional, without border or boundary, pulsing in the beat of our hearts and through our veins, rhythmically carrying us on a human journey of invitational witness and love for humankind. From the most noble human aspirations, our desires for joy and Divine connection to gritty BronX street beats, GUILDWORKS MUSIC creatively disrupts culture by conveying complex experiences of emotional, spiritual, socio-economic, religious and straight-up sonics of the essential human condition; articulating, elucidating our longing for a place-of-belonging.

Beethoven’s sublime to Southside-boomBap and Trap, GUILDWORKS MUSIC in beauty, disruption and joie d’vivre creates a vehicle for every heart and soul Xrossing the traX® to hear God in the sounds of the other: GUILDWORKS MUSIC’s enduring invitational witness to a new Jerusalem at 4° of Intra-faith inspiration. So discover hardknocx envoys of faith from Manhattan to Mecca, emCs from the hood spittin’ rhymes for common social good. El Arabie music or Culturally-Conscious spoken-word; Jewish hipsters from Harlem to Syrian slam poets hitting’ hard in Holy Lands. Beatmakers in Brooklyn and Damascus to DRC cultural diplomacy, and ask, wonder, marvel; Can I hear God in the sounds of the other?

Listen as we innovate modern sounds through an architecture of radical hospitality where Grime-n’glory meet in City grind, to desert expanse. GUILDWORKS has been amassing spiritual capital symphonised over two decades manifesting our mission, vision and values – providing reconciliation, restorative social-justice and spiritual repair for the poor and marginalized in struggling global communities.

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