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GUILDWORKS iAbraham NFP 501(c)3 is an Abrahamic, intra-faith Urban Outreach and global cultural diplomacy initiative through music, design and digital arts-media business initiatives. A web-based, worldwide Abrahamic artists Guild and with interactive religious mentorships and/or pastoral fellowships. As guild members, GUILDWORKS iAbraham artists are privileged to sell their wares from the guild store here online or simply to show their work — whether original, (hybrid digital/original or GUILDWORKS model reproductions). All purchases from GUILDWORKS iAbraham support GUILDWORKS iAbraham’s ongoing mission, vision and values for our work in the world, as well as contribute a portion of profits to chosen national, and global charitable organizations.

When you purchase from GUILDWORKS iAbraham’s “barrios de los picqxels”, our crowdsourced worldwide “pixel neighborhood”, you’re purchasing for good in the ‘hood. Your purchase gives you the gift of an inspired artist’s work, helping that artist’s livliehood. In turn, some of the money goes to charity to help emerging artists from underserved communities without the means to support themselves or the resources to assist their artistic and spiritual growth. And a final part of your purchase assists GUILDWORKS iAbraham in sustaining its existence, as a spiritual sanctuary and sparking welding studio, a hammered anvil for all this to transpire on, under God’s radiant, backlit roof.

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