Salma Arastu

Salma Arastu has been painting for more than thirty years, since earning her degree in Fine Arts from Maharaja Sayajirao University in Baroda, India. Her work with continuous and lyrical line is influenced by her native culture and her residence in Iran and Kuwait.

Born into the Sindhi and Hindu tradition, she later embraced Islam through her marriage. As a woman, a Hindu, a Muslim and a multi-cultural artist and a mother, she sees a unique opportunity to create harmony and world transformation through the expression of the Universal in her art.

Salma Arastu exhibited her work in India, the United States, and in Europe. Many of her works are in private and public collections. Presently she works from her studio in Berkeley, California.

Artist Statement

Creating with continuous, lyrical lines and celebrating the universal spirit of unity is what I have to offer after thirty years of working as a visual artist. I am deeply influenced by the human form and the human spirit. My extensive travels and experiences with diverse communities have left textural impact on my work. Living into the life-defining challenge of a left hand without fingers, as an artist through my belief in Unity I transcend barriers of religion, culture, and cultural perceptions of limitations. For me painting or creating art is getting physically involved with the piece, scratching, sanding, and layering, adding details in pen and ink or adding materials like paper, rope, modeling paste or paper Mache. The works are created through a process of introspection that involves action and reaction to the materials themselves. Words of Wisdom: Transparent Images are new works combining painting with Arabic Calligraphy. I am trying to convey messages about the celebration of diversity, unity, love and compassion from Al-Quran to the people of the world with my paintings of human universality; I am trying to translate the Words of Wisdom from Al-Quran through lyrical images. In this series the flow of humanity and spirituality, abstract images and Arabic calligraphy, are merging together.

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