Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check on my order?

Email us at or call 718.877.1048.

How quickly does my order ship?

Standard Artwork usually ships within 7 to 10 business days (excluding holidays). Custom Artworks vary depending on the complexity of each piece.

How do I ship items to an address different than own?

Fill in a ship to address different from the billing address during checkout.

How do I expedite shipping on my order?

Email us at or call 718.877.1048.

Can I return or exchange an item I purchased?

See Returns and Exchange Policy information.

What charitable orgs who directly help the homeless are benefitting from my purchase?

GUILDWORKSdeXgnHYVE donates from 6% to 10% of every sale to GUILDWORKSiAbraham 501(c)(3), its non-profit Urban Outreach focused on homeless, those struggling with addiction, and communities at highest risk for mass-incarceration. GUILDWORKSiAbraham is currently set up to address the issues of homelessness, addiction, and incarceration at their source, and to encourage training in the trades of arts and media in NYC’s core communities whose economics are steeped in the these media, where participants have the greatest native chance of success.

Is my purchase tax deductible?

What’s the reasoning behind some artists having their own collections pages, and others not having collections pages?

Artists who’ve made special contributions and/or donations of their work, time and efforts to GUILDWORKSdeXgnHYVE receive their own personal collections pages. These pages both make it easy to discover them and their works, but also allow us to highlight their portfolio works in especially formatted ways, and to showcase their human interests under the artists’ skin.

Do you offer mounting solutions?

GUILDWORKS iAbraham International Arts Guild offers our patrons access to extraordinary, upscale framing and mounting solutions for purchasers of our unique, socially relevant, culturally authentic hybrid digital/original artworks provided through GUILDWORKScompanies. Mounts may be purchased only in sets; we apologise but these are not available individually except as replacements for manufacturer defects. All mounts are non-refundable, but may be exchanged (1x) either for a different set of mounts of exact equal value, or for credit toward new purchases. Please note: Procurring mounting sets will provide purchasers with the complete contents of a Mounting Solutions kit¹; Purchaser will be required to take print(s) and provided hardware to a framer or other design/arts shop/gallery capable of handling metal art, and correctly drilling holes in the appropriate diameter for the specific mounts. Mounting-Solutions kit contents include: mounts, hex wrench, and standard wall hardware.

GUILDWORKS iAbraham assumes no liability post purchase for any irreparable damage done to prints by incompetent handling, drilling or otherwise damaging prints while drilling for mounts.

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